Run It Up Hits The Jackpot... Again!

For the third time in three Run it Up Renos, the Bad Beat Jackpot in the Peppermill cash game Poker Room was hit while Jason Somerville's ragtag band of Warriors was in town!

"It's a funny streak," says Peppermill poker room manager and tournament floor director Mike Nelson. "It always hits when [Run it Up] is here. Last time, the players were both Run it Up folks. This time, it was two locals but most of the rest of the table was Run it Up people."

The Bad Beat hit around 11:45am in a 1-2 NLH cash game, mere minutes before Day 1B of the Main Event began upstairs in the Capri Ballroom. The players got it all-in on the turn, when the all-in player had Quad Jacks and the caller had an open-ended straight flush draw. The river brought the Heart Royal Flush, and thus the jackpot was hit.

The player with Jacks was given $2,500, the player with the Royal was awarded $1,250 in addition to the couple hundred dollar pot, and the remaining half-dozen players at the 8-handed table split the last $1,250 for being party to the action.

"Whenever anyone asks about the Bad Beat details during the week, I always add, 'oh, and by the way, it's going to hit,'" adds Nelson. "And they say, 'why?' And I tell them: the bad beat always hits when Run it Up is here!"