O8/Stud8: Saro Mardirosian Scoops it All!

Saro Mardirosian wins Event 14 $125 Omaha 8/Stud 8 6-Max for $1,908 and RIU gold! After an interesting heads-up battle of trading pots back and forth, Scott Thomson ended as the runner-up after he was unable to beat Mardirosian's pair of fours playing Omaha 8 or better. Thomson built up a stack four-handed and came in to heads-up play as a two-to-one chip leader but the two players traded stacks and Mardirosian ended up on top.

At the start of the final table of seven, Barron Nakama came in with the chip lead but lost a significant pot to put him in the middle of the remaining seven players. Xin Xu became short and eventually fell at the hands of Saro Mardirosian in seventh place for $225. He was unable to beat Mardirosian's flush and was sent to the rail. Next up in sixth place was Barron Nakama ($356). He got his remaining few chips in the middle with two pair but was beat by a better two pair coming from Scott Thomson. Fifth place came soon after when Peter Lynn was unable to make anything happen in Omaha 8. Lynn was short for a couple of orbits but managed to ladder up to take home $544 for his efforts. 

When four players remained, they quickly made an ICM chop and left $550 for the eventual winner plus the trophy. Scott Thomson and Patrick Knipple chopped the RIU gear last longer prize ($600 Main Event seat) and Thomson will play the Main tomorrow.

 Scott Thomson is runner-up and chops the Main Event Seat with Patrick Knipple.

Scott Thomson is runner-up and chops the Main Event Seat with Patrick Knipple.

Here's the deal:

1st Place: ICM chop + $550 + Trophy
Saro Mardirosian - $1,358
Nathan Van Felix - $1,303
Scott Thomson - $1,207
Patrick Knipple - $1,094

Patrick Knipple was the first to go in fourth place. He was unable to beat Thomson's pair of aces and five-six low, taking home $1,094 for his efforts. Nathan Van Felix finished in third place and ended up with ace-high in Stud 8, which was no good against Thomson's two pair. Van Felix took home $1,303 after the chop, which was good for the second-highest payout. 

Here are the final payouts for this event:

1st Place: Saro Mardirosian
2nd Place: Scott Thomson
3rd Place: Nathan Van Felix - $1,303
4th Place: Patrick Knipple - $1,094
5th Place: Peter Lynn - $544
6th Place: Barron Nakama - $356
7th Place: Xin Xu - $225
8th Place: Rick Konecny - $225
9th Place: Kenneth Po - $169
10th Place: Sean Morton - $169
11th Place: James DeDauw - $150
12th Place: Michael Chan - $150