O8/Stud8: Let's Make a Deal

Barron Nakama lost a big pot early on at the final table and dropped down to the middle of the pack. Soon after, we lost Xin Xu in 7th place in Stud 8 as he was unable to beat Saro Mardirosian's queen-high flush. Sixth place went to Barron Nakama who made two pair but it wasn't good enough against Scott Thomson's aces up. Fifth place went to Peter Lynn who rode the shortest stack for a while before finally busting in Omaha 8. 

The final four players decided to agree to an ICM chop and leave $550 plus the trophy for the eventual winner. Scott Thomson and Patrick Knipple were the last players standing with RIU gear on and decided to chop the Main Event seat. Thomson will play the Main and give Knipple $300.

Here's the deal. 
Saro Mardirosian - $1,358
Nathan Van Felix - $1,303
Scott Thomson - $1,207
Patrick Knipple - $1,094

1st Place: ICM chop + $550 + Trophy

5th Place: Peter Lynn - $544
6th Place: Barron Nakama - $356
7th Place: Xin Xu - $225