Main Event: Rollercoaster Ride for Alex Lavinthal

Alex Lavinthal has had an emotional couple of days here in the Run it Up Reno Main Event. On Day 1A we saw him lose a massive pot after he flopped the second nut flush and his opponent called with the nut draw and got there on the river. That left him crippled, and he eventually busted.

Today, Lavinthal was down to just 1,250 in chips and quadrupled up after he went all in blind from the big blind and flopped two pair. He doubled up a couple more times until he eventually chipped up to just over 19,000. He was moved to a new table and ended up getting his chips in the middle with ace-king against Jordan Spurlin's ace-queen. His hand held up and he now sits on a healthy stack.

To add insult to injury, Lavinthal received a call last night that his car was stolen back home in Seattle. He has definitely had a rough go at it, but he's still fighting and continues to have an optimistic smile on his face.

Lavinthal says, "I'm keeping my backpack on for the rest of the tournament!"

Players are going on a dinner break now. Play resumes after the Seminar at 7:40PM. 

Here are some chip counts going into the dinner break:

  • Wes Cutshall - 110,000
  • Scott Thomson - 105,000
  • Peter Lynn - 90,000
  • Jason Somerville - 88,000
  • Reuben Ross - 65,000
  • Matt Coleman - 55,000
  • Alex Lavinthal - 45,000