Main Event: Jason Somerville Rising

  • Jason Somerville - 75,000
  • Heather Hardie - 13,000

Jason Somerville may be the man responsible for the creation and operation of Run it Up, running a lot of the administrative and business items to keep the wheels of the week-long event spinning for all of the Warriors. But that doesn't mean he can't mix it up in the Main as well!

JCarver finds himself as chip leader of his table, peaking just over 75,000 at most recent count. Among his competitors is Heather "smileys_AU" Hardie, who is directly to Jason's left with about half a starting stack remaining. Jason's nearest competitor at his table only has 42,000 behind, so he's in a good spot to convert his current stack into a Day 2 berth in his very own Main Event!

You may remember that Jason did make the final table of the last Run it Up Reno Main Event, and he's be hungry to make the back-to-back a reality. Level 10 has just ticked over, increasing blinds to 500/1,000 with 200 antes. Play will proceed until the end of Level 12 tonight.