Main Event: Day 1b Updates, Cutshall Takes Out Amado

  • Alex Lavinthal - 17,500
  • Vanessa Kade - 14,700
  • Heather Hardie - 23,000
  • Jeff Jansen - 34,000
  • Micah Amado - Eliminated
  • Wes Cutshall - 52,000
  • Frank Yaw - 24,000
  • Matt Coleman - 30,000
  • Peter Lynn - 39,000
  • Dray Wharton - 25,700
Wes Cutshall 

Wes Cutshall 

Wes Cutshall bagged about double the starting stack yesterday (47,700) and is in the field today trying to run up a bigger stack. He had pocket aces on an [8h6h3s] flop. Micah Amado and Cutshall got all in, with Cutshall holding [ahac] and Amado holding [kh3h].

The turn was the [6d] and the river was the [2c], sending Amado to the rail when he failed to complete his flush.

Dray Wharton is among the players firing their first Main Event bullet on Day 1b. He's currently sitting just above the starting stack, while Peter Lynn is just under 40,000. Lynn is enjoying watching the University of Washington game with his table neighbor, Alex Lavinthal. Lavinthal is sitting just under 20,000, but at least UW is winning 14-0.