Main Event: Cappucci Holds and More Chip Counts

  • Vincent Gregory - 71,000
  • Jimmy Cappucci - 67,000
  • Jason Heinz - 61,000
  • Loren Klein - 25,000
Vincent Gregory (Vintroverted)

Vincent Gregory (Vintroverted)

Jimmy Cappucci faded Loren Klein's flush draw to eliminate the bracelet winner. Cappucci flopped two pair and managed to dodge the draws of Klein to win the pot and stack over 60,000. 

Jason Heinz is across from Cappucci, also sitting with over 60,000. Klein has reentered and joins Dan O'Brien, Heather Hardie (Smileys_au), and Jeff Jansen's (JeffinHouston) table.

Vincent Gregory has almost tripled his starting stack and recently moved next to another big stack, Wes Cutshall.