Main Event: A Bracelet and Another Bullet

  • Peter Lynn - 31,000
  • Vanessa Kade - 25,000
  • Loren Klein - 21,500
  • Roy Peters - 22,800
  • Wes Cutshall - 96,000
  • Scott Thomson - 95,000
  • Andrew Cha - 67,000
  • Dan O'Brien - 36,000
Loren Klein

Loren Klein

Loren Klein is in the field today. Klein had a strong showing at this year's World Series of Poker with his first bracelet in the $1,500 No-Limit Holdem/Pot Limit Omaha, then finished second to Brandon Shack-Harris in the $10,000 PLO Championship. He won more than $800,000 this summer and is making his first appearance at this year's RIU Reno. He currently is sitting about 3,000 under the starting stack.

Scott Thomson (95,000) and Wes Cutshall (96,000) are leading the way as the end of level five approaches. Cutshall got an early double and has been running his stack up since. Thomson got aces and, according to Jesse Fullen, got aces and took a bunch of Fullen's chips.

Vanessa Kade is firing again, after running her pocket eights into Andrew Cha's pocket kings. Cha is currently sitting around 70,000 and is among the chip leaders. Roy Peters is working on his second bullet as well and looking to join the two RIU trophy club. He won the Kickoff Event at the last RIU Reno and made a deep run earlier in the week, so he is certainly a capable player.