RIU Game Night Recap

Run it Up Reno Game Night is quickly becoming one of the highlights of the festival for the Warriors in attendance. Tonight's Game Night featured some excellent new games, some that came out recently and some that have been around for decades, that allow players to explore some skills that make them good poker players! Here are some games and the attributes that overlap:

Game: Codenames
Skill Overlap: Building a Plan, Leveling

Codenames is a game for two teams of at least two in which one player gives clues to their teammates to try to connect words. In this way, the game requires lots of critical thinking to figure out what "level" your teammates are on with a given clue. Additionally, in much the same way as you should build a plan to create a bluff or snow your opponent to hide your hand, Codenames requires the "cluemasters" to think several turns ahead while also working with new information on the fly.

Code Names is a brand new game from famed gamemaker Vlaada Chvatil, creator of both the acclaimed video game Galaxy Trucker and the board game Throguh the Ages. Codenames won the 2016 Game of the Year at Essen Spiel, the most prestigious game convention in the world. It's simple to learn, it has a ton of replay value, and you can impress your friends with your vocabulary!

Game: Magic: The Gathering
Skills Overlap: Reads, Board Evaluation

You might remember Magic: The Gathering from a decade ago, but you may be surprised to learn it's more popular than ever. Magic can be played by 2 or more players in a variety of ways, though here at Run it Up Reno players enjoyed "drafts" thanks to Jason supplying product from the most recent set for Warriors. Magic has often been colloquially referred to as "wizard poker," so it's not surprising that skills like getting live tells, resource management, and taking control of a common board are important in both games.

The original trading card game created by Gaming Hall of Fame member Richard Garfield, who is also responsible for both King of Tokyo and RoboRally. Dozens of poker pros play Magic for fun and poker for their job and credit Magic for honing their skills, such as 2-time WSOP bracelet winner Eric Froehlich, 3-time bracelet winner WSOP bracelet winner Brock Parker, and WSOP Main Event runner-up David Williams.

Game: Unreel Slots Poker
Skills Overlap: Blinds, Drawing Math

Created by a fellow RIU Warrior named Scott Smith, Unreel features a 53-card deck that instead of traditional suits and numbers features the fruits and objects from slot machines. Players attempt to make three-of-a-kind with most of those suits, and of course can score even more points if they hit four-of-a-kind of Cherries or Oranges or BARs.

As it's a poker-style game, the skills of knowing statistics of hitting draws and knowing the blinds and antes relative to your chip stack relate easily to the game.

Run it Up is all about the community that surrounds poker, and Game Nights at Run it Up Reno are an awesome way to have fun with friends and relax in between tournaments!