Big Antes: Aaron Schoch Wins First RIU Trophy

 Aaron Schoch Takes Down the Big Antes

Aaron Schoch Takes Down the Big Antes

Aaron Schoch bested a field of 102 entries to win $2,141 and his first RIU trophy. He joined the $85 Big Ante tournament at the end of registration with a large crowd of players, all of which bagged Main Event Day 1a.

He bagged the third largest stack in the Main Event with 174,000. He also claimed the first of the Annie's Mac and Cheese bounties earlier today, knocking out Nathan Manuel (JimmiesBoss). 

He had a big stack through the latter stages of the Big Antes tournament, but when the players broke to the final table it was Jesse Capps who stormed ahead. Capps bagged the biggest stack in Day 1a of the Main Event. Eventually, it was Schoch who took a big chunk out of Capps when the two got all in during three-handed play. Schoch had the better ace and stayed ahead. Shortly after, Capps busted to Marco Galvan when he was unable to catch up holding jack-high against king-high.

The heads-up portion of the tournament didn't last too long and Schoch claimed his first RIU trophy when he turned a queen against the pocket sevens of Galvan.

"Finally got my first real trophy," said Schoch, "the first one was a sympathy trophy. The guy won, but he didn't want the trophy.

Schoch is in a position to make a deep run in the Main Event as well, and joins a large group of players looking for their second RIU trophy -- chasing Jimmy Cappucci who became the first player to win two RIU trophies earlier this week.