Team Event: Final Table and IN THE MONEY!

The official final table of has come together in the team event!

Jarrad Reynolds and Adrian Duran were eliminated in ninth place on the bubble after they moved in with ace-five and got called by Andrew Cha and Mo's ace-queen. The flop came queen-high and it was all over. 

All players are now in the money. 

Here is a look at the final players in the money:

Seat 1: Kevin Gerhart and Harry Corvese
Seat 2: Kevin Martin and David Villa
Seat 3: Heather Hardie, Jeff Janson and Bjorn Peterson
Seat 4: David Fadoil and Steve Roselius
Seat 5: Kyle and Kasey Hess
Seat 6: Isaac Leong, Jeff Chapman and Chris Shultz
Seat 7: Jake Irvin and Richard Acovino
Seat 8: Mo Baterdene and Andrew Cha