RIU Seminar: RIU Reno Announcement!

The seminar series at Run it Up Reno this October has been a smashing success enjoyed by all who have joined in the fun. Thus far all three seminars have featured a special guest: Kevin "KevinMartin987" Martin's guest spot discussing climbing the stakes ladder, Danielle "DMoonGirl" Anderson's seminar talking about of live tells and reads, and Rep Porter's consult on mixed games and the HORSE format. All of the seminars featured top quality poker content and entertainment with Jason and his friends, and RIU attendees have been lauding the series of talks.

Friday night's Run it Up mini-seminar will feature Jason Somerville flying solo, and he has a special treat for those in store: The live announcement of the very next Run it Up Reno event, which will be coming April 3-10, 2017, right here at the Peppermill Resort Hotel and Casino!

In addition to announcing the date for the next week-long poker festival here in Nevada, Jason will use the rest of the half hour discussing tournament poker strategy and preparing for the Main Event, as well as participating in some hand labs with the audience in attendance.

With only 153 days between the end of the current RIU Reno and the next one, set your alarm clocks for April 3, 2017, and we'll see you next year at Run it Up Reno!