Mo Baterdene and Andrew Cha: Team Effort!

Team 'Asian Persuasian' has taken down the Team Event here at Run it Up Reno. The team of two takes home the trophy, a seat into the Main Event ($600) and $2,134 for their efforts. 

This tournament paid eight spots, and the first to go at the final table of nine were Jarrad Reynolds and Adrian Duran on the money bubble. They got it in with ace-five but it was no match for their opponents' ace-queen. Soon after that, David Fadoul and Stephen Roselius were eliminated in eight place ($183). They were all in with ace-queen but couldn't get lucky against two teams that held ace-king. 

Seventh place went to Kevin Gerhart and Harry Corvese (aka Team Infinite Bullets), who took home $232. They moved their remaining chips in the middle and tabled [KdTd]. Jake Irvin held [AxQx] and the flop brought a queen but with two diamonds. The turn gave the team two more outs when a ten came. The river was a brick, however, and they were sent to the rail. Kevin Martin and David Villa were the next to go in sixth place, taking home $305. They got their money in with a pair of nines on a board with three diamonds. Mo quickly called with [7d6d], but team Martin-Villa were still live with the nine of diamonds. The river was a black nine and that was all she wrote for this team. 

Play continued five-handed for a while until Jake Irvin and Richard Acovino got their stack in the middle with [8c4c]. He was called by Mo with [kx8x] and Irvin was unable to improve. Fifth place was good for $397. Fourth place went to the Hess Brothers (Kyle and Kasey) for $580 when their ace-high was unable to hold against king-high. Heather Hardie, Jeff Jansen and Bjorn Peterson were crippled when their ace-six was unable to improve vs the ace-king of Isaac Leong. They were eliminated in the next hand with ace-four against Leong's queen-jack after he hit a jack on the turn. They took home $866 for third place.

Isaac Leong, Jeff Chapman and Chris Schulze faced off against Baterdene-Cha. Both teams were basically evenly matched, with Baterdene-Cha holding a slight lead. Heads-up play did not last long after both teams got their money in just a few hands in to the match. Mo held [AcJc] while Leong tabled [ks7d]. The turn brought an ace and it was all over, awarding the runners up with $1,403.

Here is a look at the payouts for this tourament:

1st Place: Mo Baterdene and Andrew Cha - $2,134
2nd Place: Isaac Leong, Jeff Chapman and Chris Schulze - $1,403
3rd Place: Heather Hardie, Jeff Jansen and Bjorn Peterson - $866
4th Place: Kyle and Kasey Hess - $580
5th Place: Jake Irvin and Richard Acovino - $397
6th Place: Kevin Martin and David Villa - $305
7th Place: Kevin Gerhart and Harry Corvese - $232
8th Place: David Fadoul and Stephen Roselius - $183