Main Event: Vanessa Kade Shares Her Thoughts on a Hand Early in Day 1a

Vanessa Kade

Vanessa Kade

The blinds were 100/200 with a 50 ante:

Vanessa Kade was under the gun with [8h7h] and she limped for 200. The player to her left raised to 700 and another player called before the action was back on Kade.

Kade - "The guy to my left looked like he was going to raise. Based on how the table was playing, I figured there would be at least one caller. I know he (the initial raiser) is cautious enough to fold if I three-bet; or at least proceed with extreme caution. And anyone who called behind the intial raiser is likely weaker."

She made it 3,000 with 15,000 behind and the player to her left called. The third player folded and Kade was heads up with the intial raiser.

The flop came [thts5h].

Kade - "It was nice. I was going to bluff most flops so it helped to actually have a backup plan in case the bluff failed. It's nice that the hearts are there, but what matters more is that it misses what we think his range is."

Kade bet 5,000, about a third of her stack. Her opponent called.

Kade - "My continuation bet likely looks like an over pair. His call behind rules out many of the big aces except maybe the [ahxh]."

The turn was the [ks] and Kade shoved all in for about 10,000.

Kade - "At first glance the king doesn't seem awesome, but the only hand in his range that the king hits is [ahkh]. The king is more likely a scare card for him and my bet is telling him I'm not afraid of the king, because I either have one or I can beat it."

Her opponent folded and Kade took down the pot.