Main Event: Six Figures

Andy Camou crosses six-figures.

Andy Camou crosses six-figures.

Level 9 has begun with blinds at 400/800/100 ante. The total number of entries so far has reached 116 and 71 players remain here on Day 1A. 

There are many fierce competitors in the field and many of them have built up some healthy stacks. Bryan Etzler leads the field and is the first to surpass the six-figure mark with 105,000 chips. Close behind him is Andy 'AndyTheTimid' Camou with 100,000, who has steadily been chipping up since the tournament began. 

Here is a look at the top stacks so far:

Bryan Etzler - 105,000
Andy 'AndyTheTimid' Camou - 100,000
Dilip R. - 85,000
Dylan Webb - 77,000
Alex 'Ezraw0' Lavinthal - 72,000