Main Event: Shae Mayner vs. Alex 'Ezraw0' Lavinthal

Level 9 - 400/800/100a
Total Entries: 116
Players Remaining: 64

On a board reading [Js5s4sah], with about 30,000 in the pot already, Shae Mayner gets his remaining 48,000 chips all in and is quickly called by Alex 'Ezraw0' Lavinthal.

Mayner: [AsKd]
Lavinthal: [KsQs]

Lavinthal tables a king-high flush while Mayner shows top pair with a redraw to the nut flush. 

Both players are on their feet as the [3s] gets dealt on the river, giving Mayner the nuts. Lavinthal is visibly frustrated and walks away from the table for a moment to cool off. Mayner sits back down in his seat and rakes in the pot. 

Mayner has jumped into the chip lead and has crippled Lavinthal down to just under ten big blinds. 

Shae Mayner - 125,000
Alex 'Ezraw0' Lavinthal - 7,500