Main Event: Mac & Cheese Update, Paul Sampson Bows Out

Mac Daddy.png
  • Andy "AndytheTimid" Camou - 95,000
  • Dylan "dylanwebb6" Webb - 75,000
  • Alex 'EzRaw0' Lavinthal - 60,000
  • Jesse "jessejcapps" Capps - 67,000
  • Andrew Cha - 48,000
  • Dwight "Beydestrian" Ross - 46,000
  • Deb Swift - 41,000
  • Martin "Hitman" Kampmann - 39,000
  • Michael Coombs - 12,000
  • Paul Sampson - Eliminated

Only two players from this morning's Mac & Cheese prop bet have run it up in Day 1A: Andy "AndytheTimid" Camou and Alex "Ezraw0" Lavinthal.

AndytheTimid is among the tournaments chip leaders, having recently won with a Full House over Full House during Level 8. "Boat-over-boat on the river, like a fish," Andy said. "It was a cooler, no other way to say it." He's in the catbird seat at his current table, but he'll have to deal with a pair of RIU preliminary event champions: Black Chip Bounty champion Jesse "jessejcapps" Capps and Team Event champion Andrew Cha.

 Paul Sampson - eliminated

Paul Sampson - eliminated

A few tables away, Alex "Ezraw0" Lavinthal is also performing well with around 68,000, and one hand in particular earlier in the day helped bolster his position. "I opened with [Ahjh] for like 2.5x, and I got two callers. I flopped [2h5h2x] and I lead, and got one caller. Turn was [Jc], and we both checked. The river was another [2x], so I missed, and I tankchecked. The other guy instabet the pot, and I snapcalled him. And he mucked without showing his cards!" Ezraw0 will have to contend with Michael Coombs across the felt, who placed third in this summer's WSOP Casino Employees event for $32,000 and change.

One of our highlight players did not fair as well today, as our Kickoff Event champion Paul Sampson has hit the rails. "I lost a 60,000 pot with [QxQx]. I got it in on a [Tx]-high flop against [JxJx]... and the turn came a [Jx]. And the river [Kx] didn't help, so I'm out." Sampson says he plans to fire at the Main Event again, though he is undecided about whether that will be today, tomorrow, or potentially both.