Main Event: Chip Counts and Updates

  • Deb Swift (AzDebSwift) - 34,500
  • Michael Coombs - 54,000
  • Pete Mall - 21,000
  • Andy "Avalanche" Joros - 26,000
  • Ciprian "Chip" Tutu - 12,700

It's halfway through level 6 in the RIU Reno Main Event and the field is around 90 players, down from the 111 entries so far. Matt Coleman, the winner of the No-Limit Omaha 8 KO tournament, hasn't shown up yet to claim his stack. All the players who won main event seats were automatically registered for the start of whichever day they choose to play. 

Deb Swift (AzDebSwift)

Deb Swift (AzDebSwift)

Deb Swift is sitting about 10,000 above starting stack, while another RIU Warrior Michael Coombs has more than doubled his starting stack. Coombs is from Seattle, Washington and this summer finished third place in the World Series of Poker $565 Casino Employees Event.

Pete Mall cashed last night in the 5-Card PLO and is sitting just over 20,000. Ciprian Tutu, who is using the first of his two RIU Main Event seats this morning is about half of his "freebies." He won both of the seats at the previous RIU event in May. He also claimed his first RIU trophy in the $85 No-Limit last chance tournament.