8-Game Championship: Steve Boullion Finishes Fourth

Steven Boullion - 4th (2,912)

Steven Boullion - 4th (2,912)

There was a fifteen minute gap between eliminations, but when the next knockout came it was Steven Boullion. Boullion ended his tournament in 4th place during the Razz, as his [Ax2x4x] did not improve at all and he lost his last few bets to Jordan Spurlin.

Razz passed (see the game order for the 8-Game here), as did the 10,000/20,000 blind levels, and we continue with three-way mixed game action between Nick McMullen (100,000), Jordan Spurlin (1,100,000), and Henry Vanderpol (320,000).

4th: Steven Boullion ($2,128)

LIVE FINAL TABLE on Periscope can be viewed here: