5-Card PLO: Jordan Spurlin On Top Again, Seeking Second Trophy Today

Jordan Spurlin leads 5-Card PLO

Jordan Spurlin leads 5-Card PLO

After final tabling the $125 HORSE tournament yesterday, and shipping the $235 8-Game Championship tournament earlier today, Jordan Spurlin is leading with 13 left in the $85 5-Card PLO tournament tonight.

"I'm just a huge crusher," Spurlin said jokingly.

"Does Anyone have two?" Spurlin asked.

Jimmy Cappucci became the first person to win two RIU trophies earlier this week after winning the All In or Fold Tournament. When Spurlin heard that he responded.

"So I need to win two more this week?"

It's not a guarantee, but Spurlin has certainly put himself in a strong position.

  • Jordan Spurlin - 170,000
  • John Skrovan - 162,000
  • Rick Konecny - 149,000