Win-The-Button: Heads-Up For The Cup

Ryan Leonis and Brandon "spleeyah" Carl are heads up for the trophy, and at the break Ryan leads with a chip count of 760,000 to 320,000. When they return, blinds will be 10,000/20,000 with 3,000 antes.

The final two competitors made it to heads up due to some less-than-stellar babyholding. Roy Peters fell in fourth thanks to Ryan Leonis' [6h7h] taking down Roy's [AsTc] thanks to a six on the flop. And then two hands later Stephen Boyd suffered a heartbreaker... literally! Boyd's [AhKh] got cracked by Ryan's [QsJs] on a sick run-out of [Jh9s5hTd2s].

6th: Adrian Martinez ($350)
5th: Scott Thomson ($501)
4th: Roy Peters ($756)
3rd: Stephen Boyd ($1,181)