Win the Button: 10th-24th

Fifteen players made money in the Win the Button NLH event without making an appearance at the final table, including some of our favorite Warriors!

24th: Evgeny Zelensky ($95)
23rd: Ming Zhu ($95)
22nd: Thomas Weber ($95)
21st: Steven Strauss ($95)
20th: Melly "MellyBearGoRawr" Wang ($95)
19th: Vanessa Kade ($95)
18th: Barron Nakama ($95)
17th: Vincent "vintroverted" Newland ($95)
16th: Ian "ilittle17" Little ($118)
15th: Brent Taylor ($118)
14th: Thomas Allen ($118)
13th: Andrew Korby ($118)
12th: Scott Darr ($156)
11th: Pablo "RIUPablo" Ortiz ($156)
10th: Marco Galvan ($156)