Team Rebuys: Cat-astrophes, Jinxes, and a Black Cat

Team Onesie has busted bullet number one after check-raising an ace-high flop with [acts]. They couldn't catch up when Kyle Hess (teamed with his brother Kasey Hess) called with a better ace. Hess had [axqs] and left Danielle Andersen, the active team member of Team Onsesie drawing thin. The turn was the [js], which meant they had a shot to catch up, but the river was a blank and they hit the rail.

Danielle Andersen (DMoonGirl)

Danielle Andersen (DMoonGirl)

Lee Jones, who has been on point with the puns and jokes called the hand a "Cat-astrophe," referencing Andersen's Kitten Onesie.

"We're definitely buying in again," said Aleeyah Jadivji.

Also rebuying are Team Magic Men, Harry Corvese and Kevin Gerhart. They lost to Aces and are giving it another shot. 

Team Thunder, comprised of Jessie Barbin and Jesse Manuel, is also on bullet number two. The two are sporting Oklahoma Thunder jerseys, but may have jinxed themselves since they are wearing Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook on their backs, and if you trust what you hear on ESPN those two aren't really getting along right now. Hopefully, the couple can rebound and make a deep run.