Ryan Leonis Takes it Down

Ryan Leonis wins Event 9 $85 Win The Button after dominating the final table. He came to the final table with a lead and stayed there. Brandon 'spleeyah' Carl was the runner-up and squashed all talk of a deal so he could fight for the trophy. Heads-up play went quite quickly, and Leonis chipped away until Carl was down to just two big blinds. Leonis flopped a three-outer and it was all over. 

Roy Peters fell in fourth after Leonis called his all in with [6h7h] and outflopped Peters' [AsTc]. Two hands later, Steven Boyd got his remaining chips in with [AhKh] and couldn't catch up to Leonis' [QsJs] on a runout of [Jh9s5hTd2s].

Here is a look at the payouts for this event: 

24th: Evgeny Zelensky ($95)
23rd: Ming Zhu ($95)
22nd: Thomas Weber ($95)
21st: Steven Strauss ($95)
20th: Melly "MellyBearGoRawr" Wang ($95)
19th: Vanessa Kade ($95)
18th: Barron Nakama ($95)
17th: Vincent "vintroverted" Newland ($95)
16th: Ian "ilittle17" Little ($118)
15th: Brent Taylor ($118)
14th: Thomas Allen ($118)
13th: Andrew Korby ($118)
12th: Scott Darr ($156)
11th: Pablo "RIUPablo" Ortiz ($156)
10th: Marco Galvan ($156)
9th: Jeff Jansen ($156)
8th: Seth Noorzad ($203)
7th: Seven Jeppsur ($269)
6th: Adrian Martinez ($350)
5th: Scott Thomson ($501)
4th: Roy Peters ($756)
3rd: Stephen Boyd ($1,181)
2nd: Brandon 'spleeyah' Carl ($1,739) + Main Event Seat
1st: Ryan Leonis ($2,595)