RIU Seminar: Live Poker With DMoon

The daily seminars at Run it Up Reno thus far have been star-studded affairs, featuring such luminaries as Kevin "KevinMartin987" Martin and Rep Porter. And tonight's seminar is no different, as Jason Somerville will be joined by live cash game master Danielle "DMoon" Anderson.

Anderson was consistently playing high limit 6-Max cash games, such as $25-$50, while living in online. When Black Friday hit, many of her compatriots like Jason moved overseas or to Canada to keep playing online. DMoon had a full family life already build here, however. As is referenced in the poker documentary, "Bet Raise Fold," of which DMoon is a main character, her family life was one of the major focal points of the story and meant she wasn't as free to simply uproot her life, husband, and child. So she remained in the States, and smoothly transitioned to live poker as her main game du jour. These days, she can most often be found dominating anything from $5-$10 to $25-$50 NLH at The Bellagio and she is a regular guest on Poker Night In America.

Tonight's hour-long session will focus on achieving success in live games of all types, and specifically the myriad of skills needed to be successful as a live player transitioning from a mostly online background, such as getting "reads" on your opponents.

Run it Up Reno attendees can join DMoon, Jason Somerville, and the rest of the RIU family in the Sorento Room tonight at 7pm to be a part of the seminar.