Harry Corvese Wins The Race!

Harry Corvese wins Event 8 $125 H.O.R.S.E. 6-Max for $3,019 after defeating Steve McCoy in a short heads-up battle. Corvese also takes down the last-longer Main Event seat worth $600! Corvese wants his rail back home to know that "this is for the Bellagio!"

Kenji Egashira and Jordan Spurlin were both all in shortly after the final table of seven came together. They were called by McCoy and he made a flush to bust both of them out. Egashira claimed seventh place and Spurlin took sixth. Soon after, Kat Kami was basically forced all in after bringing in the first bet playing Stud and was called down by Dylan Webb. Kami made a pair of sixes in, but Webb made a pair of sevens and she was eliminated in fifth place.

Dwight Ross doubled through Corvese playing Stud Eight or Better but that didn't last long as he got his stack in during the Hold'em round holding [ah4h] on a board reading [7h7d8c6h]. Corvese tabled [adac], but Ross was live, holding a flush and straight draw. The [7c] was a brick for Ross and he was sent home in fourth place. 

With three players remaining, Webb and McCoy's stacks started to dwindle, but both players managed to double through Corvese. Eventually McCoy got another double up and Webb became short. Webb and McCoy battled it out during the Razz round but McCoy made a jack low while Webb bricked his wheel draw on seventh street. Webb took third place after a solid grind with only a few big bets left early on in the money. 

Corvese and McCoy battled heads up for a few hands, but eventually Corvese got the best of it by making aces up during the Stud round. McCoy couldn't improve his pair of tens and finished in second place. 

Here is a look at the payouts for this event:

1st Place: Harry 'hcorvese' Corvese - $2,767 + Main Event Seat ($600)
2nd Place: Steve McCoy - $2,268
3rd Place: Dylan Webb - $1,456
4th Place: Dwight Ross - $1,064
5th Place: Kat Kami - $728
6th Place: Jordan Spurlin - $504
7th Place: Kenji 'NumotTheNummy' Egashira - $325
8th Place: Nicholas 'smakz0r' Eastman - $325
9th Place: Lawrence Robinson - $246
10th Place: Jamie Valdez - $246
11th Place: Jean Morton - $190
12th Place: April Higuera - $190
13th Place: Michael Clark - $157
14th Place: Albert Ng - $157
15th Place: Chip Tutu - $157
16th Place: Anthony Bos - $140
17th Place: Chris Nutter - $140
18th Place: James Navarro - $140