8-Game Championship: Peter Lynn 6th, Beydestrian 5th

The final table of the Run it Up $235 8-Game Championship is underway! Here's the order of games as we head into the home stretch:

5th: Dwight "Beydestrian" Ross ($1,456)

5th: Dwight "Beydestrian" Ross ($1,456)

No-Limit Hold 'Em
Omaha 8/B
Limit Hold 'Em
Stud 8/B
2-7 Triple Draw

The final table kicked off in Stud, which saw the end of seventh place competitor David Vanepps to create our official final table.

Peter Lynn bled a lot of chips in the Stud round, so by the time Omaha 8/B popped up he only had a few big bets remaining. The Olympia, Washington, native was knocked out soon after.

Out in fifth position was Dwight Ross, aka Beydestrian, a former RIU event champion, who succumbed to the blinds and antes as well after the cycle turned over to the Razz.

7th: David Van Epps ($650)
6th: Peter Lynn ($1,008)
5th: Dwight "Beydestrian" Ross ($1,456)