8-Game Championship: Jordan Spurlin Leads, Henry Vanderpol Close Behind After Two KOs

Jordan Spurlin Leads with 13 left

Jordan Spurlin Leads with 13 left

Henry Vanderpol took over the chip lead with 13 remaining in the 8-Game Championship after eliminating Jesse Capps and Alex Lavinthal on a Limit Holdem Hand.

Capps was the shortest stack and Lavinthal was close behind. Vanderpol had [8d8h] and flopped a set of eights to eliminate both  players.

Jordan Spurlin, who finished sixth in the HORSE tournament last night for $504 is the chip leader, just ahead of Vanderpol. Below are some of the bigger stacks with 13 left.

  • Jordan Spurlin - 260,000
  • Henry Vanderpol - 256,000
  • Peter Lynn - 225,000
  • Andrew Korby - 174,000
  • Barron Nakama - 122,000