8-Game Championship: 8th-18th

After Dylan Webb, who has two final tables already this week, was knocked out on the bubble, the players started dropping like flies during Triple-Draw and the two big limit games Pot-Limit Omaha and No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em.

Among those who snagged themselves small cashes include "Chewy's Dad" Albert "AKNG8" Ng, Black Chip Bounty champion Jesse "jessejcapps" Capps and Alex "Ezraw0" Lavinthal

As we approached the final table, Twitch chat notable PeteMall made a nice run but couldn't finish it off with a win.

Here's how the top eighteen broke before the unofficial final table:

18th: John Marcoux ($280)
17th:  Albert "AKNG8" Ng ($280)
16th: Jesse "jessejcapps" Capps ($280)
15th: Alex "Ezraw0" Lavinthal ($314)
14th: Jeremy Lemrond ($314)
13th: Eric Goldstein ($314)
12th: Andrew Phares ($381)
11th: Barron Nakama($381)
10th: Glenn Uchibori ($493)
9th: Andrew Korby ($493)
8th: Prabhjat "PeteMall" Mall ($650)