8-Game Champ: Leading The Way

Kevin "KGerhart" Gerhart

Kevin "KGerhart" Gerhart

Kevin Gerhart, KGerhart in the Twitch chat, has been off to some blazing starts thus far in the preliminary Run it Up events: he was chip leader after registration closed in the NLH Kickoff and the Black Chip Bounty, he led after the first break in the Win-The-Button, and once more finds himself among the leaders in today's 8-Game championship.

So what's the secret? KGerhart has some advice for the Run it Uppers planning on playing more of the side events.

"Basically the strategy for No Limit [in the RIU events] is to play aggressive early, build up a stack, because the tournaments are so turbo and once the blinds and antes reach a certain point theres very little play left. You have to weather the storm with your chips until you get to the final table shorthanded and get back to a good amount of blinds."

Today's 8-Game Mix has only one-eighth the No-Limit of most of the week's events, but luckily for KGerhart the game was first up and he doubled up on the very first hand. "I had [AxQx] suited against AK, I had the nut straight on [AxKxJxTx4x], and he mucked his hand but he said he had [AxKx]."

But that wasn't the only big No-Limit hand that KGerhart was the beneficiary of, as he added even more chips thanks to a lucky run out. "I got in [JxTx] suited against [AxAx], flopped a [Tx] and rivered a [Jx] to knock him out."

So why is Kevin so successful utilizing his strategy? KGerhart thinks it might have something to do with putting opponents off balance. "Being a younger kid and showing aggression early leads to people acting out of character to try to combat my aggression. Which is great for me, because I just get to play my game. And secretly I'm just a nit.

"Welcome to the story of poker for everyone in the under-30s. We wear out hoodies and our headphones, and we're actually just complete nits."

KGerhart has 42,000 to start Level 7.