Team Chewy: Are They Even Human?

Albert Ng, one half of Team Chewy, has found his way to another final table here at Run it Up Reno. Melly Wang, the other half, chopped for second place money in Event 1 $235 NL Kickoff and Ng also chopped for second place money in Event 2 $125 PLO 6-Max. The final table for Event 5 $125 NL Omaha 8 is underway, and Ng just crippled Jesse Capps to jump into second in chips. Jim Martini currently leads the way with 394,000 in chips. 

Capps and Ng got all of their chips in the middle before the flop and the hands were tabled. 

Ng: [As8c4h3d]
Capps: [AdTc5h2h]

The board ran out [JsJd8h8s9d] and Ng scored the doubled up with trip eights. 

Albert Ng - 270,000
Jesse Capps - 30,000