Pot! Pot! Pot! Jake "Radioheadz19" Irvin Wins $125 PLO 6-Max Event

Jake "Radioheadz19" Irvin has claimed the title in Event 2 $125 PLO 6-Max, taking home $1,929 and the trophy after a three-way and heads-up chop. Irvin chopped for the most money with Albert "AKNG8" Ng ($1,541) and Josh Eike ($1,251). The three players decided to play for $300 for first place along with the trophy. Ng was eliminated in third place, leaving Irvin and Eike to fight for bragging rights. Eventually, Eike doubled up and decided to offer an even chop and handed the trophy over to Irvin. 

Ng was the last Run it Up Warrior standing and claimed a $600 Main Event seat on top of his prize money. 

Below are the payouts for Event 3:

1st Place: Jake Irvin - $1,929
2nd Place: Josh Eike - $1,401
3rd Place: Albert Ng - $1,541 - Last Warrior Standing Main Event Seat
4th Place: Frank Yaw - $789
5th Place: William Watchman - $558
6th Place: Richard Acovino - $366
7th Place: Andy Joros - $231
8th Place: Eric Croteau - $231
9th Place: Jesse Fullen - $173
10th Place: Andre Furstenau - $173
11th Place: Andrew Korbin - $154
12th Place: Adam Johnson and Eric Goldstein - $154 ($77 each)