PLO: Richard Acovino and Bill Watchman Eliminated

Four players remain in the PLO tournament. Richard Acovino finished in sixth place for $366 followed shortly by Bill Watchman in fifth ($558).

Acovino was eliminated in a three-way all in where Josh Eike and Jake Irvin were also all in. Eike tripled up with [asqh2h9d] against the [ksjststc] of Acovino, and the [qs3s3dqd] of Irvin. Eike won the main pot and Irvin won the side pot to eliminate Acovino.

Then Watchman went all in preflop and Albert Ng called from the big blind. Ng had [khqhth3s] against the [ackc8c9d] of Watchman. The board ran out [qctd3htc6c], giving Ng a full house and teasing Watchman a little by completing his club flush.

  • Jake Irvin - 270,000
  • Albert Ng - 238,000
  • Josh Eike - 122,000
  • Frank Yaw - 50,000