PLO: Frank Yaw Doubles Early in Final Table Action

The PLO tournament is down to the final seven and Frank Yaw just doubled through Josh Eike. Yaw bet the pot with [ad4d9h9c] and when it was Eike's turn to act in the small blind, he casually said, "repot."

"Did you just say repot?" Albert Ng asked.

Eike had said it so casually, that no one was really sure, but he quickly confirmed that he did indeed repot. He fanned out [ahqhqs3d].

The flop came [9s8d3d].

"Of course the diamond sweat," said Eike.

 Frank Yaw

Frank Yaw

"There's a nine out there," replied Yaw.

Yaw had flopped a set and finished the hand off by making a flush. He doubled through Eike and left Eike as the short stack.

Jake Irvin (Radioheadz19) was sitting well ahead of the rest of the table, approaching 300,000.

  • Albert Ng (Seat 1) - 121,000
  • Josh Eike (Seat 2) - 55,000
  • Richard Acovino (Seat 3) - 107,000
  • Andy "Avalanche" (Seat 4) - 74,000
  • Bill Watchman (Seat 5) - 70,000
  • Frank Yaw (Seat 6) - 60,000
  • Jake Irvin (Seat 7) - 295,000