No Bubble Boy!

Event 3 $125 PLO 6-Max is now in the money after the bubble burst in extraordinary fashion. 

Adam Johnson was all in for 10,500 on one table, but Eric Goldstein was also all in for 10,500. Both players were eliminated at the same time for the exact same chip count so they will chop 12th place money ($154) for $77 a piece. 

Johnson was on the button and held [8h6d5s4h] and couldn't get anything going against his opponent's [adjh9c2d]. 

Goldstein piled his chips in the middle from the small blind after a raise from the button and his [ks9h8s7h] was no good against his opponent's [kdqc9c7d].

The remaining 11 players are now in the money. 


1st Place: $2,330
2nd Place: $1,482
3rd Place: $1,059
4th Place: $789
5th Place: $558
6th Place: $366
7th - 8th Place: $231
9th - 10th Place: $173
11th - 12th Place: $154