Mix-Max: Three Down, One To Go

Here's how our top 8 matchups are looking at the break:

irwin vs.png

Nathan "JimmiesBoss" Manuel (WINNER) - 298,000 (2-seed)
Jake "Radioheadz19" Irwin - 55,000 (7-seed)

Jake Irwin (right) went all in on the very first hand of heads up, and lost to Nathan Manuel (left) when Irwin's [QdTh] fell to Manuel's [Ac6s] on a two-pair board [8x8x5x5x7x].

Adam "happyatom" Johnson (WINNER) - 315,000 (1-seed)
Steve "yowsah3" Roselius - 54,000 (8-seed)

Moments later, Adam Johnson took down Steve Roselius when Steve pushed his last few big blinds in with [7x6x] to Adam's [Tx5x]. The runout somehow missed them both, as [AxKxKx9x2x] gave Adam the pot and the victory.

Andrew Korby - 186,000 (4-seed)
Chip "tzutzanu" Tutu (WINNER) - 168,000 (5-seed)

Chip Tutu (left) scored the first come-from-behind victory of the top 8, as he took a small chip lead into the final hand against Andrew Korby (right). His [Ac2d] took down Andrew's [QcTs] in an exciting run-out. After the turn, Korby had all of the outs in the deck thanks to [AsJs9h4s], but a banana for a river spelled the end of his tournament.

David "DBLUTF" Lander - 290,000 (3-seed)
MJ Gonzales - 88,000 (6-seed)

The final heads-up quarterfinal took a fair amount of time longer than the other three, and was the only match to make it to breaktime. At the break, in which the entire tournament hall took time out for dinner and also the Jason Somervile-Kevin Martin seminar, David Lander maintained a fairly big chip lead of 248,000 to MJ's 130,000, but MJ had gained ground in the 45 minutes since heads-up play began.

We'll see how the Gonzales-Lander match finishes up in an hour!