Mix-Max: Some Action From the Felt

 JimmiesBoss (Nathan Manuel) left, and Kevin Gerhart (KGerhart) right

JimmiesBoss (Nathan Manuel) left, and Kevin Gerhart (KGerhart) right

Kevin Martin had to rebuy after getting all in with [acjs] against JimmiesBoss (Nathan Manuel). Manuel had [3h3d].

While the two players were waiting for the flop, Martin was calling for all high cards. The flop came all spades [ksts7s].

"That's a good flop, I love that flop," said Martin.

The turn was the [tc] and Martin was calling for high cards again. The river was the [3c] and gave Manuel the win. Martin headed to the rail to rebuy and Manuel was sitting comfortably around 140,000. He quickly doubled up Kevin Gerhart (KGerhart) after that. Manuel shoved from the small blind with [ah9h] and Gerhart called with [kdtd]. Gerhart doubled up, but Manuel was still left with just over 100,000.

At the next table, Andy "Avalance" Joros was all in against Marco Galvan with [axax]. He seemed to think he was going to lose, and stood up, put his backpack on and awaited the flop.

Galvan had [axkx] and Joros won the hand, so it was Galvan that actually busted as Joros put his bag back on his chair and returned to his seat.

  • JimmiesBoss (Nathan Manuel) - 110,000
  • Andy "Avalanche" Joros - 65,000
  • Marco Galvan - Eliminated
  • Kevin Martin - Eliminated, but rebuying