Mix-Max: Heads-Up Quarterfinals Matches Begin!

We've reached final eight, and we have our four heads-up matches ready to rumble! With Jason Somerville exiting in 10th and Jeff Jansen exiting in 9th, we've reached match play. The players that lose in the quarterfinals each will receive $740. As a reminder, these matches will be seeded based on chip counts:

Adam "happyatom" Johnson - 315,000 (1-seed)
Steve "yowsah3" Roselius - 54,000 (8-seed)

Nathan "JimmiesBoss" Manuel - 298,000 (2-seed)
Jake "Radioheadz19" Irwin - 55,000 (7-seed)

David "DBLUTF" Lander - 290,000 (3-seed)
MJ Gonzales - 88,000 (6-seed)

Andrew Korby - 186,000 (4-seed)
Chip "tzutzanu" Tutu - 168,000 (5-seed)