Mix-Max: Gonzales Versus Manuel

The top 4 matches of the Mix-Max championship have been decided, and it will be MJ Gonzales against JimmiesBoss for the trophy!

MJ Gonzales  - 378,000 (1-seed) *WINNER*
Chip "tzutzanu" Tutu - 354,000 (4-seed)

Gonzales (top left at bottom), a San Francisco native playing in his very first RIU Reno event, was the first to book his ticket to the gold medal round. After being down to his last two big blinds early in the quarterfinal match against David "DBLUTF" Lander, MJ stormed back to win his round of eight to land himself in the top four, where he has now advanced past his top four opponent.

A massive straight-versus-straight hand during 6k/12k blind level gave MJ the overwhelming lead when his river all-in with [Kc9h] was called by Chip "tzutzanu" Tutu's [Ah5h] on [8h7dTs4h6s]. Gonzales' Nine-high straight pipped Tutu's Eight-high straight with the five. Tutu was left with only 38,000 after the collision.

A few hands later, Chip's [Ad9d] was taken down by MJ's [Jh5h]. MJ kept improving as the hand went on with the flop [Qd8h5s], turn [Qh], and river [Ah]. Tutu (bottom left at bottom) will have to settle for a top 4 finish and a seat in the bronze medal match in Event 4.

Gonzales will enter the heads-up final with 732,000.

Adam "happyatom" Johnson - 369,000 (2-seed)
Nathan "JimmiesBoss" Manuel - 366,000 (3-seed) *WINNER*

The Manuel-Johnson match between some close friends took a fair bit longer. Manuel (top right at bottom) scored the first body blow, taking down a 220,000-chip pot without a showdown thanks to a massive all-in. Johnson eventually folded after a long time in the tank, and heads-up proceeded.

Manuel scored the first body blow, snagging a key 220,000 chip pot early in heads-up without a showdown thanks to an all-in that Adam chose to not call after some long deliberation to get a decent chip lead. Manuel continued to apply all-in pressure at a steady clip, dropping Adam "happyatom" Johnson (bottom right at bottom) down to his last 115,000 or so.

Adam finally made his move at exactly the wrong time, as his [5d5h] all-in from the button ran headlong into Manuel's [AcAd]. The runout [TdKsQs7h3h] did not bail out Adam, who exists in the top four.

Nathan Manuel will begin with a tiny chip lead of 735,000.