JCarver & KMart Seminar At RIU Reno

PokerStars Pro Online Kevin Martin joined his buddy Jason Somerville for tonight's Run it Up Reno seminar from 7 to 8pm, where the two notable content creators and streamers answered questions and talked shop with the session's audience.

For those unfamiliar with Kevin Martin's work, he began playing poker online full time in his early twenties. After that, he spent time as a radio DJ, Twitch streamer, and of course as a cast member on Season 3 of Big Brother. Once known as GarlicXToast, Kevin is now best known as KevinM987. Today, Kevin is one of the PokerStars Online featured pros. Kevin and Jason shared their experiences as young grinders, climbing stakes ladders and the trials and tribulations that go along with that, and learning from past mistakes.

Over the course of the hour-long seminar, JCarver and KMart also discussed the ideas of reciprocity, bankroll management, tilt, shot taking, live streaming, getting feedback on tournament hands, the proliferation of poker information, and the importance of networking in the poker community.

Kevin's seminar with Jason was thoughtful and entertaining, and we highly recommend you all check out his Twitch stream and YouTube channel in addition to his popular vlogs and Snapchat. Kevin's goal is to improve his game steadily and move up stakes ladder while sharing his journey with his viewers.

At the end of the seminar, Jason briefly previewed the night's Triple Stud event taking place later this evening, and also reminded everyone that 3-time bracelet winner and mixed game specialist Rep Porter will be joining JCarver for tomorrow night's seminar

Thanks to Kevin Martin, and we'll see you again back in the Sorento Room tomorrow night for the next RIU Seminar!