All In Or Fold: Buzz Carter (BuzzCarter) Out in 3rd

A massive pot ended with Buzz Carter collecting third-place money... and Jimmy Cappucci hitting quads!

As the players were joking that they each had only 1 500 chip, Buzz made a 20,500 bet to put his last half century chip at risk. Jimmy shoved from the big blind, and Buzz  put the last of his chips at risk with [8x8x]. Jimmy woke up with [QxQx] though, so things looked dire for Buzz. And then Jimmy found another [Qx] on the flop as part of a full house! That would have been quite enough, but Jimmy found the final Queen on the river for the high hand.

Buzz Carter ends his All In Or Fold event in third for $1,305. Jimmy Cappucci has a massive chip lead to start heads-up play.