Brendan Fayant (IrishLuck777) Eliminated in 7th Place ($329)

Brendon Fayant (IrishLuck777)

Brendon Fayant (IrishLuck777)

Brendon Fayant was eliminated when he shoved all in with [acjc] and Bobby Gullett three-bet shoved over the top with [ahkc]. The remaining players folded and Fayant was heads up and at risk.

The flop, [kh6s3h], brought a king.

"That's not good for you," Gullett said and Fayant agreed.

The turn was the [7d] and the river was the [ad] and that spelled the end of the day for Fayant.

Bobby Gullett - 177,000
Brendon Fayant - Eliminated