And Then There Were Eight

Event 4 $235 NLH Mix-Max has presented a unique format whereby players begin eight-handed until 48 players remain, and then drop down to six-handed with 24 players remaining. Four-handed play then starts, and when there are eight players remaining the tournament turns into a series of heads-up matches until a winner is crowned. This is where we are now, as Jeff Janson is eliminated in ninth place for $400. 

Janson was all in and his opponent was Andrew Korby, the only player to have logged three cashes in this series so far. Korby tabled [5s4c], while Janson revealed a dominating [adtc]. The board ran out [6c5h3dKdJs] and Korby managed to outdraw his opponent, securing him the knockout. 

Janson was the bubble boy in Event 1, and he acknowledged that "this was a much better result".

With eight players remaining, the Tournament Director is setting the room up to accommodate the next four heads-up matches.