All In Or Fold: Dylan Webb 9th, Jesse Capps 8th

We've had two more knockouts, as both Dylan Webb and Jesse Capps hit the rail.

Dylan Webb was eliminated just before the break, and Webb starts the series off with a solid final table finish.

Jesse Capps was removed from the event thanks to Bobby Gullett's [6s6d] taking out Capps when he tried to steal the blinds and antes. Capps' [Js4s] was live thanks to a [3s4h7h], but the [5c] on the turn gave Gullett the straight. [5s] on the river gave Gullett either two pair Fives and Sixes or the straight, either of which was enough to eliminate Capps.

The former RIU Reno Main Event runner up Capps final tabled the two events he entered today, finishing in sixth in the Kickoff and eighth here in the All-In Or Fold.