All In Or Fold: Bobby Gullett Out in Fourth

The All In Or Fold is really heating up, as our original final table chip leader Bobby Gullett is out in fourth place.

Gullet was crippled in a hand against Jimmy Cappucci when his two pair ran into Jimmy's Broadway, increasing Jimmy's odds of becoming the first ever two-time RIU trophy winner. A hand later, Gullet put his final chips at risk against Buzz Carter.

Gullett: [2c2h]
Carter: [AsKs]

"That's exactly the hand I wanted you to have!"

Unfortunately, Big Slick came through for Buzz as the runout of [Ad6d6hAh3c] spelled doom for Gullet. He'll leave the tournament area with an extra $870 for his top four finish.

Going in to three-handed play, Buzz leads with 285,000. Jimmy has 236,000, and Brandan 122,000.