RIUpedia, Day 1: Danglers, Babies, and Abbreviations

Three events are on the docket for Day 1 of Run it Up Reno: the $235 NLH Kickoff at noon, the $125 PLO 6-Max which begins at 5pm, and tonight's wild $85 All-In Or Fold NLH at 8pm.

If you are brand new to poker tournament reporting, the above sentence might look like chicken scratch. But we're here to help! Every day, we'll post a new RIUpedia article including some handy definitions to give you a glossary of terms to help you with the jargon and abbreviations you will see throughout the week in our written coverage.


"NLH," is a common abbreviation for "No Limit Texas Hold 'Em, so when you see those three letters you can expect the game we all know and love as the Cadillac of Poker. Sometimes shortened as "NLHE" in other publications, the key portion is the No Limit part at the front. Some tournament series feature Limit Hold 'Em events, shortened as "LHE," though there is not a Limit-only event here at RIU.


"PLO" stands for Pot-Limit Omaha, which has recently surged in popularity among poker pros and casual fans alike. Today's PLO event is one of only two events with PLO in the title, though several of the mixed game events also feature the format. Omaha is a game similar to Texas Hold 'Em, though players are dealt four hole cards each instead of two and must use exactly two of them for their final hand. And whereas No Limit games have, unsurprisingly, no limit to how much a player can bet, games that have a "pot limit" have a cap of the total amount of money currently in the pot as the maximum bet size.


Games that are denoted as having a "Max" means that there will only ever be that number as a maximum number of players at the table. Whereas your local cash game or tournament might feature 9 or 10 players, today's PLO 6-Max will feature only a half dozen players at a table at any one time. This means that players will have to adjust their games to the short-handed format, but on the plus side they'll have more room to stretch their legs!


The term "dangler" is a term you might overhear at your PLO table to refer to a card that is bad or irrelevant in the context of a given hand. For example, if you were dealt [AcKcAs7h], the seven there really isn't helping things too much compared to your other three hole cards. Therefor, one might say it's just barely holding on, or dangling.

Hold the Baby

Viewers of Jason Somerville's stream will be familiar with "Hold the Baby." Typically, this is a term used to refer to an all-in situation in which one player is favored but the underdog hand has a reasonable chance of coming from behind to win. In this case, the player who is ahead wants to "hold the baby," or stay ahead and end up winning.

Hopefully this small glossary of terms will aid in your RIU reporting experience! We'll be back with more terms tomorrow, so until then: hold the baby!