Paul Sampson Leads Final Five After Busting Capps

Paul Sampson is the chip leader in the RIU Kickoff event with five players left. He just busted Jesse Capps in a huge pot that gave Samson almost 600,000 and a 200,000 lead over the next closest player.

Capps opened from late position and Sampson defended from the big blind. The flop came [qh7s2d] and Samson checked. Capps bet 20,000 and Samson called.

The turn was the [6h] and both players checked. The river was another six, the [6c] and Sampson bet 50,000. Capps raised quickly to 100,000 and Sampson went all in almost before the chips hit the table. Capps took a moment and then called showing [6s3s] for trip sixes.

Sampson showed pocket sevens, [7h7d], for a full house and eliminated Capps.

"I punted, I should have folded," said Capps.

Sampson just took a breath and gave a silent fist pump. He took the chip lead and Capps took sixth place.

Sampson - 580,000
Kevin Gerhart - 159,000
Marco Galvan - 176,000
Melissa Wang - 363,000
Mitchell Cogert - 136,000