First! Paul Sampson Wins RIU Reno Kickoff Event

 Paul Sampson - RIU Reno Kickoff Event Winner

Paul Sampson - RIU Reno Kickoff Event Winner

Paul Sampson made a deal three-handed to become the first winner at Run it Up Reno. He took home the trophy and the first prize of $5,190; along with two main event seats.

Sampson eliminated Kevin Gerhart in fourth place after Gerhart shoved all in from the small blind with queen-high and Sampson called with pocket tens from the big blind. His tens held and Gerhart was eliminated, taking home $1,819 and a main event seat for himself.

The players immediately took a break and Sampson claimed most of the goodies since he was the chip leader. Melissa Wang (MellyBearGoRawr) took home second place, a main event seat, and a prize of $4,764. Her big final table moment came when she called Sampson's all in shove on the turn with two pair. Sampson had one pair, but appeared to be bluffing the three-flush board and Wang's two pair held to earn a well-timed double up.

Finishing in third place was Mitchell Cogert. He spent most of the bubble staving off elimination by doubling up, then losing a hand before doubling up again. At the final table, he was at risk against Gerhart with four players remaining, when he got pocket eights in against Gerhart's ace-high and dodged flush and straight outs to double up. Cogert also took home a main event seat and $3,522 for his finish.

Below are the final table payouts:

  • Paul Sampson - 1st Place $5,190 - 2 Main Event Seats
  • Melissa Wang - 2nd Place $4,764 - Main Event Seat
  • Mitchell Cogert - 3rd Place $3,522 - Main Event Seat
  • Kevin Gerhart - 4th Place $1,819 - Main Event Seat
  • Marco Galvan - 5th Place $1,263
  • Jesse Capps - 6th Place $856
  • Roy Peters - 7th Place $642
  • Steven Nevius - 8th Place $514