Family Pot: Events To Look Forward To

What event are you most looking forward to playing in during Run it Up Reno this week?

Dave Spurr
RIU Stats Wizard

"The 8-game ones! Any of them, all of them. Any of the mix games, basically."

Melly Wang
JCarver Twitch Mod

"Probably the All-In Or Fold. Maybe the Tag Team event; I might throw Chewy on our team!
Heather Hardie.png

Heather Hardie
JCarver Twitch Chat Celebrity

"Probably the Main... if I can get there!"

Ron Hamilton
Iceblade Fanboy

"The one I'm most looking forward to? That's a good question. Hmm... Mixed Game Championship."

Andy Camou
JCarver Twitch Mod

"8-game! Definitely 8-game. Oh, and HORSE."

Jimmy Cappucci
RIU Twitch Chat Celebrity

"8-game for sure."


Kevin Gerhart
JCarver Twitch Chat Celebrity

"The Main Event. Higher buy-in, big prize pool. I'm ready to take it down!"