Family Pot: Moments And Memories

What are some of your favorite memories from the stream and live events so far?

Dave Spurr
RIU Stats Wizard

"I really enjoyed it when he was playing the 25-Game a long time ago, and he had to keep looking up what the games were. The [Daniel] Negreanu final table was also great. And this was prestream, but when he has Scott Seiver on as a guest that was hilarious!"

Melly Wang
JCarver Twitch Mod

"I really enjoy the duo streams [Jason]'s had. [Daniel] Negreanu, [Vanessa] Selbst. You get a lot more info in those. Plus, I love all of the Run it Up events!"

Heather Hardie
JCarver Twitch Chat Celebrity

"Oh my goodness! Of course, meeting Jason and hanging out with all of the Warriors at Run it Up events is amazing. And some of the early YouTube videos, like with ones with DMoon [Danielle Anderson] and Scott Seiver. Also the Aussie Millions was great for me because I'm Australian!"

Rob Hamilton
Iceblade Fanboy

"Definitely favorite moment is that I won a seat to the most recent Run it Up Reno through DraftKings because I got second place... and the first place guy was a no-show! So I got first and second place prize for it. Running good!"

Andy Camou
JCarver Twitch Mod

"I would say the final table of the most recent Run it Up Reno is my favorite live event memory. My favorite moment from the stream was way back in the day there was a 25-Game stream. Also the Stud $25K final table run was awesome.

Jimmy Cappucci
RIU Twitch Chat Celebrity

"I like the troll-y streams. He did a $1 home game one time. The Card Hunt was also great!"

Kevin Gerhart
JCarver Twitch Chat Celebrity

"Favorite memory from the stream is the time Jason explained why his favorite word is "bet," because it solves all arguments. From the events, my favorite is when I taught Deb Swift how to play Pot Limit Omaha at the first Run it Up Reno during the event... and then she made the final table!"